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Cover Art by Kerem

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Michael Gabriel's music is a unique blend of jam, rock, blues, funk, jazz, and other styles.  Michael Gabriel's debut cd "Visions" is an instrumental cd that showcases Michael's versatility and influences.  The album "Visions" captures the blues/rock influences of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn, the jam band influences of Phish and Particle, the depth and feel of Pink Floyd, along with other flavors and styles.  Each song on "Visions" has it's own unqiue mood and feel and takes you somewhere envisioned in the creative mind of Michael Gabriel.   Michael Gabriel's cd "Visions' is now available!  Check it out!

----- Overheard ------

"Influenced early on by Hendrix and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, the 2006 CD from guitarist Michael Gabriel possesses an elegant sonic edge. Bluesy and spatial at the same time, Visions is a fine introduction to Gabriel’s tasteful guitar playing. There’s also a spacey, retro-bent surf-rock vibe on hand that mixes well with Gabriel’s potent approach to instrumental rock fusion. With Gabriel writing and performing all the guitars, bass, keyboards and drums as well as producing, mixing and mastering the entire CD Visions offers a rockin’ surprise for fans of adventurous electric guitar sounds." - Music Web Express

"It’s an exhilarating outing that consists of energy and speed. With great power comes great responsibility. Michael Gabriel is liable for this function and in his efforts; he engineers a framework with precision and grace. While the tiniest fragment could rip its hull apart, the ride is as soft as a feather-filled pillow or a fluffy down blanket. Likewise, the fuselage is as rigid as a concrete block." - RichardKolp.com

"Michael Gabriel's "Visions" Is so unique in style and composition that it really grabs your attention. The opening tune Cosmos is one of the coolest opening tunes I have heard in some time. Full of twist and turns throughout and never knowing what to expect around the next corner make this CD a must listen." - Upbeat and More

"These tunes contain some of the swankiest and classiest expressions ever seen on this side of the fence." - RichardKolp.com

"Just like this song opens, from start to finish is a showcase of musicianship." - Cody Carpenter,  Songwriter

"Absolutely mind blowing" - Jason Chitwood, Musician

"Michael, THAT is some awesome guitar playing!!" - Diane Barnes, Musician

"Outlaw is a great tune. You have a great feel with your playing." - Jessica Urick, Musician

"Many times I will look at an all instrumental cd and think "great here comes 60 minutes of look what I can do". This cd is NOT one of those. The songs are very well composed, written, arranged and performed. There is a very wide musical spectrum thought the entire disk and each song has it's own personality and feel. These songs actually take you on a musical journey. Every Musician wears his heart on his sleeve & is sometimes their own worst critic and very protective of their baby. But I can say with all honesty. Michael Gabriel plays with a style all his own, that does draw off of his influences which you can hear, But plays with an emotion and feel Not very many players can match. This musician not only wears his heart on his sleeve, but Plays with his Soul as well." - Reviewer on cdbaby.com

"Michael Gabriel brings back styles from the past in a one of a kind method that can be only explained as perfection when put into Visions" - Reviewer on cdbaby.com

"In Visions you will find your own path that lead you to your visionary place." - Kerem

"After I listened to the whole thing (Visions cd) all the way through I was amazed..." - Reviewer on cdbaby.com